European CPR

New Construction Products Regulation


The revolution in fire safety requirements of cables


From 1st July 2017 the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) regulates the way a product for construction works is placed on the market, standardising the methods of testing, the declaration of performance and the related quality control systems throughout the EU.


Why is CPR important for cables? All energy and telecommunication cables, for application in construction works, must meet European Standard EN 50575, which specifies the reaction to fire requirements and the related testing methods.


What are the changes with CPR? Cables applied in constructions are classified in Euroclasses, depending on their reaction to fire based on the following parameters:


  • Heat release rate
  • Total heat release
  • Dripping behaviour
  • Smoke release rate
  • Total smoke release
  • Smoke acidity


Every EU country defines, with a proper regulation, which Euroclasses are required in specific construction works.


CPR boosts the request of cables with low heat release and low smoke emission, as LSOH cables (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), produced with HFFR compounds (Halogen Free Flame Retardant). PVC cable compounds need to be re-designed as well, for reducing smoke release and smoke acidity.


Nuova Sima produces a wide portfolio of flame retardant fillers for improving the fire performance of cable compounds.


Furthermore, Nuova Sima offers, to his customers, the option to test the reaction to fire of compounds, through the Cone Calorimeter.