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Nuova Sima produces calcium carbonate and flame retardant fillers based on magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide for plastics, rubbers and paints. The commitment to research and innovation, and particular attention to the environmental impacts of its products, allows Nuova Sima to respond to the specific needs of its customers, and to consistently improve the quality of its results.


Established in 1965, Nuova Sima is headquartered in the province of Ancona, near Genga and the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi natural park, where it has a limestone majolica quarry exclusively controlled by the business and which is the source of the excellent raw materials utilized for Calcium Carbonate production.

The first development of Calcium Carbonate applications was implemented by Nuova Sima in the early 70s, and it evolved into the very fine Microcarb SM in the early 80s.

In the same period the study and production of flame retardant fillers gave quality responses to the PVC market, with applications of Magnesium Carbonate (Magfy) and Magnesium Hydroxide (Hydrofy) in continuous development.

Nuova Sima’s activity goes beyond the production of advanced industrial materials; technical consulting and assistance as well as knowledge and skills for project management and fulfillment is always available to the customer.

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Since the creation of flame retardant products based on Natural Magnesium Hydroxide, Nuova Sima has oriented his R&D activities towards the development of products having the maximum flame retardant properties with the minimum environmental impact.

Smart innovation

Innovation designed on the needs of the market and of our customers is the goal of our research.

Over the years, Nuova Sima has managed to increase the potential of compounds containing its fillers by developing and designing new solutions and new products: different kinds of chemical surface coatings, new raw materials and wide choice of particle size distributions.


Our laboratories are equipped with proper machineries for the production of prototype compounds (Two roll mill, Ko-kneader extruder) and a number of innovative instruments for the measurement of compound properties and their fire performances (Dynamometer, Melt Flow Index, Cone Calorimeter, Oxygen Index, TGA/STA, FTIR/ATR and many others).

We can offer our customers advices on formulations and continuous technical assistance on the development of suitable recipes to maximize the performance of our products.

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Nuova Sima cares about the environment. This means a constant dedication to considering in every situation the environmental impact of production processes: an objective that becomes common in company activity.

This is a vision and a policy that guarantees continuity and stability, as today the solutions in regards to the environment are the future of the industry and social commitment. This means that choosing Nuova Sima products and solutions is equal to choosing a “methodological” line through which customers can mature experience and skills in time.


Performance is important to us, but sustainability has played a key role in our products from the very beginning. Nuova Sima has always opted for the use of raw materials of natural origin, which imply a lower environmental impact in terms of Carbon Footprint. An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an innovation to evaluate the sustainability of our activities and to describe the effects that our products have on the environment, taking into account their entire life cycle: from raw materials to the manufacturing process, up to the transport to our customers. For this reason, with a view to continuous improvement and in step with the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, Nuova Sima has obtained Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for the most successful products on the market, in accordance with the standard ISO 14025.




> Download the EPD ALUFY ECO certificate and report

> Download the EPD HYDROFY G 5 certificate and report

> Download the EPD HYDROFY G-GS 2.5 certificate and report

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As every business in step with the times, Nuova Sima knows that company’s strengths are both the material and immaterial resources of its activities. Nuova Sima is well-structured in both of these areas. The raw material used in production comes from a quarry exclusively managed by the company, nearby the industrial site, as well as from selected sources based on an experience gained over the years. 

This creates a positive relationship between the knowledge of the materials, the management of their flows, logistical organization, supply chain times, and consequently, it allows shortening the response times to customer orders. Such factor of structural slenderness is a peculiarity that is also found in other aspects: the capacity for customer assistance in respect to technical needs and consulting, activities that Nuova Sima knows how to perform with prompt attention.

This also regards the technical assistance phase, in support of a customer presence in the market appropriately positioned in respect to the constant opportunity of improvement and efficiency, which Nuova Sima knows on a large scale, thanks to its presence in international markets. The will to synergize with the customer is also supported by the constant activity of research and development, potentially available for its technical needs. 

The whole activities are organized according to standards which allowed to achieve the certification ISO 9001.

Our raw materials

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Nuova Sima S.r.l. intends to be distinguished in two documents:

  • The Quality Policy as a general program, in which we intend to highlight what are the commitments and principles on which our Policy is based, ensuring that the management system achieves the expected results and actively involving people, so that they contribute to the effectiveness of the system itself.
  • The program of objectives (detailed in the context and risk analysis) as a guide to continuous improvement.


Nuova Sima is Europe's largest producer of natural magnesium hydroxide fillers.
The main goal is to establish and expand our market position through research and innovation, aimed at developing new products with high environmental sustainability.
We want to respond to customer needs and expectations and constantly improve the quality of results through activities that go beyond the product, offering our best expertise and suggesting best use practices.

The realization that customer success is our success commits management to support the organization through:

  • Knowledge of the expectations and needs of customers and stakeholders, so as to ensure their broadest satisfaction, while complying with the product and applicable mandatory requirements, with a view to continuous improvement;
  • The management of risks/opportunities related to our business context, ensuring that the established policy and objectives are compatible with the context and strategic directions of the organization;
  • The ongoing training of employees on safety and process procedures. The total involvement of the organization at every hierarchical level and the provision of the necessary economic, structural and instrumental resources. We strongly believe that sharing, valuing and empowering each employee are indispensable qualities for the steady growth of the organization.
  • The dissemination of the principle of continuous improvement, maintaining efficient and effective the quality management system, according to the standards of ISO 9001:2015, promoting and monitoring the correct application of procedures and operating instructions.
  • Cooperation with customers and suppliers, considering them to be key partners in our success.


In addition to the quality of products and services, Nuova Sima has always looked to the environment and the future, carefully observing and complying with mandatory regulations.
In addition, Nuova Sima's product portfolio is strongly oriented toward offering products obtained from raw materials of natural origin, which are more sustainable than those of synthetic origin.
In this context, Nuova Sima has obtained Carbon Footprint - EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification for its most successful products on the market, with the aim of increasing the sustainability of its products and improving the expectations of all stakeholders involved in the organization.


Since 1998:


> Download the ISO 9001 certificate