A commitment to the environment in collaboration with

the beekeeper Giorgio Poeta


In its constant commitment to environmental sustainability, the Nuova Sima company has actively joined the project led by the Fabriano beekeeper Giorgio Poeta. This initiative aims to promote and preserve the importance of natural pollinators for the ecosystem.


The company, in fact, has decided to implement concrete actions in favor of the environment and biodiversity. By collaborating with Giorgio Poeta, a beekeeper with long experience and ecological sensitivity, Nuova Sima aims to promote the protection of bees. The importance of pollinators for food production and ecosystem balance is now recognized globally and bees, in particular, play a crucial role in the pollination of plants, contributing to the production of fruit, vegetables and seeds.


The collaboration project with Giorgio Poeta includes the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, without the use of harmful pesticides, furthermore, thanks to nomadism, the apiaries are moved to pristine places.


This approach aims to create a favorable environment for bees, thus contributing to their survival and the conservation of the ecosystem.


For this reason Nuova Sima believes it is essential to support projects that promote the health and prosperity of these precious allies of nature. At Nuova Sima we make our small contribution to the environmental sustainability of the industry also through our natural magnesium and aluminum hydrates Hydrofy and Alufy Eco which have a carbon footprint up to 90% lower than equivalent synthetic products (despite having the same effect of flame retardancy).


For us, being smart means combining the environment and industry without sacrificing the safety and durability of the products we use.