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In compliance with the directives of the Act regarding the protection of personal data ("Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali" d.lg. 30 june 2003, n. 196) and, particularly, in article 13, paragraph 3 and in article 122, paragraph 1 and in reference to the measure of Identification of the simplified modality for disclosures and acquisition of consent in using cookies - 8 may 2014 (published on Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana n. 126 on 3 june 2014), we inform our users of our web site that:

  • No persistent cookies are used on this web site.
  • Anonymous visitor cookies: Only session (technical) cookies are used on this web site and no personal data from users are acquired by the website.
  • Registered visitor cookies: this cookie is used only for the purpose of accessing and using the services in the "Product Data" Area of our web site and to navigate the website maintaining authentication. The use of these cookies avoids the use of other data processing techniques that may prejudice the user's navigation privacy.
  • Browsing statistics on this web site are gathered with Google Analytics (Link to the Google Analytics security and privacy principles).

For further information: Italian Privacy Authority (italian): "Clarifications on cookies" (Chiarimenti sui cookies),


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