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 Microcarb SB
 Microcarb SM
 Italbianco GR40

Calcium Carbonate

Microcarb is the commercial name of Calcium Carbonate produced by Nuova Sima with a special milling and classification process.

The raw material, sourced from a quarry completely controlled by Nuova Sima, is a very fine organogenic mineral, “micrite” like, with high purity and high white index.

Thanks to the low content of soluble salts, Microcarb is used as filler for cables compounds demanding elevated electrical properties.

Italbianco is a range of Calcium Carbonate partially crystalline, created to be used in paints, plastic materials and rubber. Raw material of Italbianco is a blend of different minerals, amorphous and crystalline, with high purity and good whiteness.

Quality consistency, granted by a peculiar internal quality plan, allows Italbianco to be a point of references for high quality productions.


Nuova Sima product: Microcarb - Calcium Carbonate CaCO3

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